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   Leadership and

  Top managers and leaders seldom get honest feedback within their organisation. We accompany them in their daily work, identifying their talents, competencies and strengths using questionnaires and tests. We give them feedback on the effect they have on others.
This serves as the starting point for furthering their personal and professional development, leading to personal mastery, high efficiency and authority.
   Coaching in
Mergers and

Restructuring and mergers demand a comprehensive analysis of the present personality and competence profiles of managers, in order to:

  • clarify for the organisation what positions people are qualified for,
  • give managers a perspective based on their talents, skills and strengths.

We work with managers who take up new positions to develop personal strategies to successfully make their transitions.

   Coaching of Teams  

Most teams do not exploit their potential. This is true for members of the board, top-management or any other team. A lot of time is wasted by power games, individual agendas and lack of cooperation. We analyse strengths and weaknesses of teams and help them to:

  • optimise their team roles,
  • tap potential synergies by identifying and putting to use complementary strengths,
  • enable team members to enjoy effective teamwork,
  • eliminate all topics that should not be dealt with in teams.
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