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   Developing Strategic
Core Competencies
  Less than half of today's companies concentrate on their core competencies. The profile of the remaining half is weak, with below-average profits. We identify our clients' "Unique Selling Propositions" and success factors in comparison to the competition, as well as the strengths of their employees. We develop and implement a master-plan to strengthen the market position of our clients.  
Change Projects
  Two thirds of change projects in companies fail. A major reason is that they are implemented from the top down without involving or empowering employees. The result is misunderstanding, resistance and even boycott. We facilitate change projects by empowering the work force, unleashing their potential, fostering innovation and thus creating cost-effective and profit-orientated workflow.
   Creating and Developing
Corporate Culture
  We analyse and identify the requirements of your customers and translate these into characteristic features of your corporate culture. Together with managers and employees we define your mission statement and agree on implementing the measures needed to achieve productivity, customer- and employee satisfaction.  
   Teambuilding   We analyse the current group dynamics of your teams and help them to design optimal team-profiles. We enhance their understanding of group processes and train the development of top teams. They are thus enabled to define their own goals and performance indicators using their complementary strengths. The result. high performance and good fun at work.
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